Want FREE Excerpts from A Man of Character?

Want FREE Excerpts from A Man of Character?

What would you do if you discovered the men you were dating were fictional characters you’d created long ago?

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I want you to “try it before you buy it” and only consider adding my book to your collection if the characters, the humor, and heroine Cat Schreiber’s dilemma capture your heart just as much as they’ve captured mine. I’m looking for kindred souls who can’t get enough magical romance stories in their lives, especially when those stories feature quirky, intelligent heroines.

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Here’s the blurb for A Man of Character:

Thirty-five-year-old Catherine Schreiber has shelved love for good. Keeping her ailing bookstore afloat takes all her time, and she’s perfectly fine with that. So when several men ask her out in short order, she’s not sure what to do … especially since something about them seems eerily familiar.

A startling revelation — that these men are fictional characters she’d created and forgotten years ago — forces Cat to reevaluate her world and the people in it. Because these characters are alive. Here. Now. And most definitely in the flesh.

Her best friend, Eliza, a romance novel junkie craving her own Happily Ever After, is thrilled by the possibilities. The power to create Mr. Perfect — who could pass that up? But can a relationship be real if it’s fiction? Caught between fantasy and reality, Cat must decide which — or whom — she wants more.


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