Flash Friday Fiction: Somebody’s Watching Me

Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn W. Kiser.
Drinking fountain, Pataskala, OH. Photo by Kenn W. Kiser.

“Somebody’s Watching Me”

I didn’t mean to. It’s just that it’d been a really bad day.

My brother told me if I licked the outside railing, it would taste like a snow cone because of all the snow we got last night, so I did, but the only thing I got was a stuck tongue and the taste of blood in my mouth as I ripped myself loose. Why doesn’t mom ever yell at HIM?

Then when I went to get a drink at school that creepy snowman was smiling at me, just like our neighbor Mr. Jenkins, who wanted to show me his toy soldier collection this morning, but when I went into his house he was wearing a bathrobe and he touched the parts that mom says only the doctor can touch. He says I can’t tell anyone.

Dad says they’ll clean the puke up.

But the snowman will always know.


Word limit this week for the Flash Friday! Fiction contest was 150 words. Let me know what you think!


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