Calling All Women’s Fiction Writers: Writer’s Digest “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest is Open Through October 17th!


Contest alert for writers of women’s fiction! Enter Writer’s Digest’s Dear Lucky Agent contest for a chance to get the first ten pages of your manuscript critiqued by an agent (Paula Munier, Senior Literary Agent & Content Strategist at Talcott Notch Literary), as well as to win a subscription to The contest is free and gets your manuscript (well, the query for and first two hundred words of, at least) before an agent.

What qualifies as women’s fiction? Here’s what the contest page says:

“Women’s fiction (also called upmarket fiction when dealing with women’s stories). If you’re wondering what falls into this genre specifically, this is how our agent judge explains it: “These are stories that revolve around women, women’s roles as mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, caregivers, friends, community leaders, etc., and a woman’s place at home, at work, and in society at large. They are for the most part domestic dramas. What separates them from love stories is that the heroine’s relationships with her friends and family are as important if not more important to the storyline as her love relationship. These stories explore women’s relationships—with each other, with men and children, with the world, and with herself. The themes are those that strike a chord with women: love, family, friendship, sisterhood, motherhood, self-actualization, and what it means to be a woman in the world, past, present, and future.”

I entered, so wish me luck!

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