Flash Friday Fiction: All’s Fowl in Love and War


All’s Fowl in Love and War
Margaret Locke (@Margaret_Locke)
159 words

The young woman’s eyebrows knit in puzzlement as she stared at the water. “Why is a chicken crossing the canal?” she exclaimed before covering her mouth in embarrassment; ladies did not shout out loud, even at the World Fair.

“To get to the other side?” a deep voice proffered from beside her. Startled, she looked over to see chocolatey eyes crinkle in amusement. “Although I’ve no clue how a chicken ended up in the middle of Chicago, either.”

Her green eyes sparkled as she returned his grin.

Years later the two returned to this spot of their first meeting, although of course the buildings – and the water – had long since disappeared.

She gazed into his familiar eyes, hooded now with aging lids, and murmured, “It was destiny, my love.”

“Yes,” he said, leaning in to plant a kiss on her graying locks. “Destiny…and a chicken.”

From behind them they were certain they heard a cluck of approval.


This week, in addition to sticking to the 150 word limit (+/- 10 words), we had to include the element “destiny” somehow into the story. Love my take? Hate it? Let me know what you think! And come join us at Flash Friday Fiction and give the photo prompt your own twist – it’s fun and we don’t bite. I promise.


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