Flash! Friday Fiction: Brotherly Love

Monk (Thailand). Photo courtesy of Shuco.
Monk (Thailand). Photo courtesy of Shuco.

Brotherly Love (155 Words)

Echoes of his past life drew him there today.

No sounds had disturbed the air. He was accustomed to silence now, but then it had been deafening. Or perhaps just he had been rendered senseless. Unable to hear. Unable to see. Only able to lash out in hopes of striking something, anything, that would resonate, that would make him feel.

That day it had been a throat. His brother’s throat. It had split instantly, forever dividing his world between before and after. His brother’s eyes had burned his as he’d fallen. No judgment, only acknowledgment.

He had new brothers now. He’d sought forgiveness; it had been given. He’d sought absolution; he had found it.

Birds sang in the trees. The wind whispered in his ears. But in his heart he only heard one voice, the voice of his brother: “Peace be with you.”

“And also with you,” he answered. He bowed his head, giving thanks.


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    • Thank you, Dena! What I like about flash is …. it’s short! But yes, occasionally I think I could flesh something out. I just prefer to deal in romance, not murder. 🙂

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