Flash Friday Fiction: Carpe Cattus!

Picture of a small orange kitten in dirt near grass.
Kenya kittens. CC2.0 photo by Kerri Lee Smith.

Carpe Cattus – 208 words

I will not go gently into that good cage.

My ancestors were revered in ancient Egypt. In Rome, they threw you to my cousins. In Europe, we made you believe the crazy ladies who hoarded us had magical powers.

We’ve kept the rodent population down for years. You think it serves you. We think of it as lunch.

Now you come at me, all “Here, kitty kitty,” shaking that treat bag.

You plied me with scratching posts, seduced me with chunks of tuna in gravy, hypnotized me with your brushing of my fur.

But I see you for what you really are now. You are evil.

You want to take me to that horrible place, the one with my wailing brethren and, worse of all, DOGS.

You want to let that “doctor” cut off all that makes me who I am, to prevent me from fathering kittens of my own.

I’ll fight tooth and nail to prevent this injustice.

No longer shall I knead your lap for you. No longer shall I make the noises you enjoy. No longer shall I serve to warm your feet in bed.

For I am a lion, the gladiator of my species.

And I will not go gently into that good cage.


This week in our 200 (+/-10) word stories for Flash Friday Fiction, we had to focus on character, incorporating a gladiator somehow into our stories sparked by the photo prompt of this adorable kitten. Say what? I’m hoping my kitten’s gladiator attitude came through…let me know what you think.

And please head on over to Flash Friday Fiction to read and comment on the other offerings, or perhaps enter one of your own!


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