Flash Friday Fiction: Ignoring the Call

Jeanne d’Arc, 1876. Painting by Eugène Thirion. Public Domain.
Jeanne d’Arc, 1876. Painting by Eugène Thirion. Public Domain.

Ignoring The Call

“Hark, go ye east! There ye shall find a man of the name Bob, and embark upon a dinner date, and later possibly some smooching…”

Joan took in the bizarrely dressed – but admittedly foxy – fellow hanging over her shoulders. He wore a gaudy green sheet with ludicrously large wings attached to it, and held a sword – a sword, for Pete’s sake.

This was the strangest circus she’d ever seen. Dudes cosplaying as trumpet-blowing knights. Angel wannabes suggesting hook-ups. Where were the acrobats? The clowns?

“I haven’t even finished my cotton candy!”

“This is thy last chance. Thy eHarmony membership doth expired yesterday,” whispered the flying Adonis.

“Does he look anything like you?”

“Doth anyone in real life?”

Joan sighed, her shoulders slumping.

“No thanks,” she said. “I don’t wanna miss something important.”

The angel rolled his eyes.

“Like thy soul mate?” he muttered as he flew off. “And women say men never listen.”


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