Flash Friday Fiction (It’s Flashversary Time!): A Woman Scorned

Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.
Red Sunset. CC2.0 photo by Petteri Sulonen.

A Woman Scorned (150 words)

Her heart burned with the rage of a million fires, consuming every memory, every last bit of love she’d had left.

He’d promised her – promised her –  eternal devotion. A lifetime of happiness. A bond that could never be severed.


What would he say now, if he could see the havoc she’d wreaked? This path of destruction, fueled by wrath so intense it would scorch the sun?

He never would. She’d made sure of that. Let his ashes smolder in the ruins. Of their bond. Of his betrayal. Of this city.

Never again would a man hold such power over her.

She knew she was catering to the stereotype. Vengeful woman, wronged by man, seeks retribution. So be it.

Daddy issues, they’d said. An unnatural attachment. Whatever. He shouldn’t have remarried; he was hers alone.

Hell hath no fury, they say. But it does have a new daughter.


Woo hoo, peeps! It’s FLASHVERSARY! Meaning the beloved Flash Friday Fiction contest is turning THREE, and Our Lady Dragoness Rebekah Postupak is going all out to celebrate. There’s, like, prizes and everything for this grand round’s winner, and all sorts of other cool stuff, so please head on over to check it out, read the stories, and comment on your favorites (please! We writers are a neurotic lot, and a little encouragement goes a long way).

I’d love to know what you think of my offering!

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