Flash Friday Fiction: Live Long and Prosper

Gemini V, August 29, 1965. Public domain photo courtesy of NASA.
Gemini V, August 29, 1965. Public domain photo courtesy of NASA.

Live Long and Prosper – 157 words

“Did you get a load of the legs on her?”

“Yeah, quite the beauties. All six of them. And those eyes…”

“I know. Prettiest purple I’ve ever seen. Too bad there were three of them. Too distracting for me.”

“Didn’t seem to stop that captain guy. What was his name?”

“Kirk. I think he’d hit on anything from any species.”

“And that tall one with the pointy ears. What was up with him and that Prime Directive he kept talking about?”

“He told me I was highly illogical.”

“You ARE highly illogical. Who else would press all those buttons, just to see what they would do?”

“Are you kidding me? After seeing that Scotty guy–what did he call it?–’beam that alien up’?”

“You should be thanking him for that–that’s what got us back down here safely.”

“Should we tell the president?”

“Nah, he’s got enough on his hands still trying to convince everyone Roswell wasn’t real.”


I went for the silly today. Sci-fi isn’t my strong suit, and all I could think of when told to incorporate an alien was Star Trek. Good enough for me!

Want to write your own tale about this photo? Launch yourself on over to Flash Friday Fiction and give it a go. Warp speed ahead!

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