Flash Friday Fiction: Make It So

Bicycle Tunnel, double exposure. CC photo by r. nial bradshaw.
Bicycle Tunnel, double exposure. CC photo by r. nial bradshaw.

Make It So – 154 words

When we were children we dreamed that if we rode fast enough through the tunnel we could launch ourselves into space. We’d find ourselves astronauts on an Apollo mission, or on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. You’d be Kirk, I’d be Spock.

We’d ride as hard as we could, pumping our legs, leaning furiously into the bike handles, closing our eyes at the last minute as we prayed for escape.

It never worked. The only thing temporary blindness brought us was split lips and skinned knees.

I pedal leisurely toward the entrance, no longer naive enough to believe in rescue. I just want to pay my respects.

It’s then that I see the bicycles. Two of them, against the side. No one in sight.

My eyes widen. For just a second, my mind asks, “Did it work?” Without conscious awareness, I grip the handlebars tighter, and ready my approach.

Beam me up, Scotty.


Ha ha. What do you do when given this photo prompt and are instructed to include something about space travel? When you’re me, your mind leaps to Star Trek, obviously. But what would you write? Head on over to Flash Friday Fiction to read others’ entries, or to contribute your own!

As always, comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

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