Flash Friday Fiction: Natural Selection

Tiger & Turtle, Duisburg, Germany. Public Domain photo by Chraecker.

Natural Selection – (160 Words – must include reference to either tiger or turtle)

“Told you you should’ve given it a rest,” the tiger said as he licked his paw, smoothing it over his ear.

The turtle eyed the top of the hill, his perpetual look of irritation etched more deeply now across his face. He said nothing.

“But no,” the tiger went on. “You had to prove you were not only smarter than that hare, but faster, too. Racing back and forth up there as if you could defy the laws of nature.” He shook his head in amusement.

“How was I to know,” exclaimed the turtle with a snap of its beak, “that that stupid snake would try to outdo me?” He gazed again at the skeleton stretched eerily across the sky. “But I don’t get what happened.”

“Looks like something – or someone – frightened him out of his skin. And bones.” The tiger licked his lips again, giving his friend a knowing glance.

The turtle grinned. “Hope he was tasty.”


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