Flash Friday Fiction: Sole Sisters

Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.
Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.

Sole Sisters – 160 words

The shoes betray you every time.

You think you’re pulling it off, with your knock-off Chanel dress and fake Prada bag. The average Jane may fall for it. She might think you’re living The Good Life.

I know better.

You arch your plucked eyebrow and purse your carefully shaded lips, as if to tell everyone on this bus you’re only here because it’s some sort of undercover fashion shoot. A Day in the Life of Someone Else.

I know better.

I know my Manolos from my Miu Mius, my Jimmy Choos from my Christian Louboutins.

You’ve tried to get away with the Payless special.

As if you’re going to make it here. In those heels, baby, you ain’t making it anywhere.

If you can’t walk the Louis Vuitton walk, there’s no way you’re talking the Dolce & Gabbana talk.

I settle back into my seat, smiling to myself. I’m good at spying fakes.

As they say, takes one to know one.


How could I go serious with this prompt? Especially since we were required to incorporate something about a detective in our story? So I didn’t… I went tongue-in-cheek (or should I say tongue-in-shoe?). What do you think?

I hope you’ll hop on over to Flash Friday Fiction to try on the many other delightful entries. And why not give it a go and pen one of your own? As Sherlock might say about this week’s prompt, “The game’s afoot!”

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    • Is it here that I confess I googled top shoe designers to ensure I got it right? (But in my defense, I actually KNEW all of the names I used – I just wanted to check to see if they were still current. And spelled correctly.)

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