Flash Friday Fiction: Superior Plumbing

Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943. Public domain photo.
Gary Plant Tubular Steel Corporation, 1943. Public domain photo.

Superior Plumbing – 153 words

Penis envy, my ass, Charlotte thought as she bent over the metal tube. Freud was an idiot.

Sparks flew from the welding iron as she applied precise, steady pressure. She ignored Sal’s voice coaching her from over her shoulder. As if he could do better. Here one week and he’s already thinking he knows more than we women.

She exchanged a quick glance with Patsy. Well, as best one could through the bug-eyed goggles they were wearing.

Sal continued to drone in her ear. “Careful, girly. Steady hands.”

Charlotte ignored him as the molten metal responded to her commands. She didn’t need his ‘help’. The only thing that mattered was her and the heat.

Patsy snickered as Sal once again corrected mistakes Charlotte wasn’t making.

Careful, boy-o. One slip of the welding iron and you’ll be needing replacement pipes yourself.

She smiled ever so slightly. At least she could recommend a competent welder.


Sometimes I crack myself up with my own writing. This week was one of them. But what do YOU think? The challenge was to craft a story in 150 words (+/- 10) that also included something about a vendetta.

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