Flash Friday Fiction: The Tracks of Time

Gare du Nord, Paris. CC Photo by Elliot Gilfix.
Gare du Nord, Paris. CC Photo by Elliot Gilfix.

The Tracks of Time – 160 words

It always comes back to this. This place, that time, those memories.

No matter how far I go, no matter how fast I flee, I’m drawn back here, time and again. A moth to the flame, a half to its whole. Two sides of the same coin.

Age has changed me, changed the landscape, changed reality. Gone are the lush green pastures, the stone, the sword. Gone are the robes, the flowing hair. Gone is the magic.

All lies covered now by a different kind of steel, a different kind of power. A path to nowhere, never changing, forever the same. When the bells ring out, they call people to board, not to prayer.

But I come back, always. For where your treasure is, so will your heart be, also.

Perhaps today you will rise from the belly of the beast. Perhaps today your promise will be fulfilled.

I remain your faithful servant. I am waiting for you, Arthur.



This week’s Flash Friday Fiction challenge required us to fit “treasure” into our 150 word limit (+/- 10) in some way. Perhaps because it’s Good Friday in the Christian world, my mind immediately flew to the Bible verse from Matthew, “For where your treasure is, so will your heart be, also.” That, combined with Easter-ly thoughts of resurrection and promise, led me again to the myths and legends that tell of another iconic figure who is promised to return again when our need is greatest.

What do you think of this week’s tale? When I can combine my love for writing with my love for Merlin, I am one happy Flasher.

Er, you know what I mean.

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