Flash Friday Fiction: Unforgotten

Kolmanskop. CC photo by Damien du Toit.
Kolmanskop. CC photo by Damien du Toit.

(158 Words)

“Don’t move,” he’d said, planting a quick kiss on her mouth. “I’ll be right back.”

She’d waited. Waited as days passed into months, months into years. She’d watched the wind whip grains of sand into the room, covering the remnants of her life, but she’d refused to close the door. He’d said he’d be back.

Occasionally there were noises outside and she’d turn her head, hoping to hear his voice. It never came. Still, she didn’t move. He’d promised.

“Here it is!” A woman peered through the window, her eyes bright with tears. “Grandpa said he could never bear to return, not once he’d come home and found her gone, only bloodstains left behind. Nobody knows what happened to her.”

“Maybe he’s with her now that he’s passed on,” a man consoled.

Sunlight stole in through the door, shining on her face. “Told you I’d be back,” it whispered, enfolding her in its warmth. She smiled. At last.


Wow, this 150 (+/-10) word limit is getting harder every week! My first draft of this story clocked in at over 200, and that’s before I’ve even figured out the ending. Whew. So I cut and cut and cut some more…. let me know what you think of my end result.

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