#FlashDogs Solstice Anthologies Are Out Now – Get Your Copies Today!

I’m so proud to be a part (a very small part) of the FlashDogs‘ latest publishing endeavor: Solstice: Light and Solstice: Dark – two volumes of stories from numerous, amazingly talented flash writers.

My short (very short) story The Butterfly appears in Solstice: Light. I’m awed to have been invited to join this oh-so-brilliant group of writers. I can’t claim to match their talents, but I’m thrilled to now number among their company.


I hope you’ll consider picking up both volumes, not just because you’ll be treated to some of the best flash fiction around, but because all proceeds go to The Book Bus, a fantastic charity working to promote literacy around the world, one child at a time.


Thank you to the production team behind these FlashDogs anthologies, for all the hard work you’ve done in getting these volumes together! I ordered mine first thing this morning, and can’t wait to hold both volumes in my hands. 

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