Links I Love: Week of December 15th

December is such a fun time – school festivals, present wrapping, baking… And apparently very little blogging, but at last I’ve found time to share 7 of my latest favorite links!

Image from Addicting Info's article on Ten Things You May Not Know About Christmas
Image from Addicting Info’s article on Ten Things You May Not Know About Christmas

1. 20 Things That Our Parents Did That We Don’t – Looking for ideas to make the holidays special? Try a few of these – so simple, and yet it’s true that I don’t do nearly as many of them as I should (although my mother will be happy to know the Thank You note tradition lives on strongly in my household.).

2. It’s Official: Henry Cavill is Sexier Than Benedict, Tom, Robert… – Do you agree? I, of course, think this list is quite lacking in that Colin Morgan and Bradley James appear nowhere on it. I have to concede, however, that I not only don’t mind looking at Mr. Cavill, but that he is already pegged as the physical inspiration for a future romance hero.

3. Regency Pianos – Most Regencies that I read have at least one pianoforte in them. Sometimes the hero plays, sometimes the heroine… or sometimes, a la Julia Quinn, the musical component of the book is hilariously and hideously bad. Here’s a nice, short blog piece with pictures showing what pianos really looked like back in the day.

4. The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People – I live with two Eeyores, and I hate to admit that I myself am prone to bray more than I should. I’m always seeking my Inner Tigger, so if you’re like me, read up to find out what NOT to do if you want to be happy.

5. Best Books 2013: Romance – These are the Library Journal’s picks for the best of the genre in 2013. How many have you read? Do you agree with their choices?

6. Best Books 2013: Ebook Romances – Do you read more eBooks or traditional books? I definitely lean toward the paper side of things, but having recently acquired a Kindle, I’ll admit my e-to-read list is starting to pile up, too. What do you think of the choices Library Journal made?

7. Ten Things You Might Not Know About Christmas – Fascinating article on the history of some of the Christmas tradition we take most for granted!


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