Links I Love: Week of February 2nd

Dates of some of the neo-pagan festivals, from to the Groundhog Day article.
Dates of some of the neo-pagan festivals, from the Groundhog Day article.

1. Everything You Need to Know About Ground-Hog Day – We love to say a ground-hog will predict whether or not we have 6 more weeks of winter on this day by whether or not he sees his shadow, but did you know this day is actually a seasonal festival? Read all about it!

2. Not Reading Indie Books Yet? You’re Missing Out – Rachel Thompson talks about the latest trends in indie publishing, and how if you’re not embracing these authors you’re missing out on some seriously fabulous reads.

3. 16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year – I’m doing well on my resolution to read more this year, but I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t read any of these titles. How many have you read? Which should I start with first?

4. Inside the Globe’s New Candlelit Theater – I am blessed to live within easy distance of the American Shakespeare Center and its fabulous Blackfriars Playhouse, but I admit I’d give anything to jaunt back over to London and check this new theater out. Especially if Colin Morgan decides to do another Shakespeare play.

5. Gonna Rockabilly like it’s 1951 – I learned a bit about rockabilly in the mid 90s, when I was in the throes of my 50s Elvis obsession. Did you know there are people who are still living / dressing / furnishing their homes as if it were that era? So retro. So cool!

6. What Crazy National Day Falls on YOUR Birthday? We already know it’s Groundhog Day, but what other crazy days exist (at least in the US calendar)? With which one do you share your birthday? I apparently was born on Old Stuff Day. I’m choosing to decide that applies to the stuff I research, not my age.

7. Historical Romance for Dummies – Not that you’re a dummy. Or me, either. But for those not familiar with the genre, sometimes it can be confusing to determine what exactly qualifies as a historical romance. The Dashing Duchesses help us out with this primer.

8. 40 Must-See Photos from the Past – The past. Can we ever really comprehend what came before us? (For that matter, do we ever really comprehend the times in which we currently live?) This is one of the reasons history fascinates me so much – I’m amazed at how much we CAN know about people and places long past, but also fully aware of how much we will never know. These photos, at least, help to illuminate by-gone eras a little bit more.

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