Links I Love: Week of October 22nd

Love the ... shoes.
Love the … shoes.

My favorite things I’ve stumbled across while hanging out on the Internet this week:

1. How To Write A Query Letter – I’m getting closer and closer to sending my first book out to agents, in hopes that it snags someone’s interest and leads to a publishing contract. To that end, I’ve been reading a lot about querying and writings blurbs and synopses and the like. Let me know what you think of this article – and if you have any great advice!

2. AgentQuery – Of course before I can send out a query letter, I need to know whom to query! Several blogs mentioned this site, which gives tips on writing query letters, true, but also is a great resource for numerous other writerly-related things, such as finding an agent and info on publishing.

3. Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret – A friend sent this to me after I mentioned on Facebook that I’m walking more and more to build up endurance for my upcoming whirlwind trip to London. I love it, and it’s very applicable to writing, as well. And now that I realize I’ve neither walked nor written any fiction today, it’s clear I need to follow Mr. Seinfeld’s advice!

4. The Beauty of Highgate Cemetery – Speaking of London, these gorgeous photographs of Highgate Cemetery, located in London, caught my eye. I’d love to go walking amongst the grave markers there, but in truth because Highgate was founded AFTER the Regency period, it’s more likely I’ll limit myself to enjoying these pictures.

5. How Historical Figures Would Have Looked Today – Ever wonder what Queen Elizabeth, Marie Antoinette, or William Shakespeare would look like if they were running around in our time period? Would you recognize them on the street? I’ve often played this game with the early American presidents, trying to picture them without those puffy wigs, but here digital artists actually make this imaging reality, showing us some famous people in modern garb.

6. 22 Things That Belong in Every Bookworm’s Dream Home – Which of these strikes your fancy? All of them? Personally I’m most envious of number 4, but I’d love many of the others, too!

7. 40 Shirtless Guys In Kilts – Yes! It’s completely gratuitous! I could pretend I’m doing research for future novel covers, but let’s be real – I just like pretty things. Even if I’m pretty sure the Ewan McGregor one is photoshopped.

2 Replies to “Links I Love: Week of October 22nd”

  1. I’ve been using the red X’s all year – not for productivity, but to mark the days until I can retire! Less than 18 months to go!

    • Wow, that’s coming up! I think the big Xs would be highly motivating, so I’m considering it. I have used the term “streak” – as in, I’m on a streak of walking 8 days in a row, why break it now? But a visual sounds good, too.

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