My Sugarless Summer: The Home Stretch

Photo by Italy Chronicles Photos
Photo by Italy Chronicles Photos

Well, here we are in August. In three more weeks, I can go face down into a vat of cookie dough if I want. I might.

But I hope I don’t. This experiment hasn’t been the runaway weight loss success story I had hoped for (owing, of course, to the fact that when I give up one thing *cough SUGAR cough*, I’m SO GOOD at finding other things with which to replace it *cough PRINGLES cough*). Last I checked I WAS down about 8 pounds. But I haven’t checked this week. And, well, the family has been away this week. And, um, let’s just say it’s good I don’t live alone, because I indulged in a lot of bad food. A LOT. So who knows what the scale will say tomorrow?

Weight aside, though (ha, as if), this experiment HAS been a success in other ways. First and foremost, I’ve actually done it. I didn’t cave in week one. I didn’t cave in month one. And here I am, nine or so weeks later and I’m still not eating sugar. Pretty darn cool. Second, there are benefits I HAVE noticed, namely that I truly don’t think I’m as moody, and I’m definitely not feeling quite as enslaved to food. Notice I didn’t say I felt free, as I’m still waging a mighty battle against my remaining carbohydrate addiction. Still, I feel better ENOUGH that I’m feeling willing to tackle MORE changes.

For a week in July I had done well in moving my Pringles or other indulgences (mac and cheese) to a meal; I could eat them, I just had to ensure I ate them at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Were I hungry between meals, I could snack on fruit, veggies, or protein. This worked great and I dropped pounds, but somehow I fell away from that again.

My goal, therefore, for the next few weeks is to get back to that: limit problem carbs to a meal time and eat them with protein. Once we reach September, I’m contemplating giving up wheat. I’ve been reading Wheat Belly, which is telling me modern wheat is the root of all evil. I know just from paying a teensy weensy bit of attention that what still calls my name beyond anything else are wheat products. Pringles (yes, they are a potato chip product, but they are made of potatoes and wheat). Macaroni and cheese. Tortillas. Going gluten-free again as well as sugar-free may be a useful next step to see if it helps (and since my son already eats gluten-free, we have gluten-free options in the house, so it wouldn’t be so bad).

We’ll see. First goal is to stop the inhalation of crappy foods and get back to the 3 meals a day plan. Second goal is to celebrate September 1st, because even if I’m not exactly where I wanted to be, I HAVE refrained from eating desserts or anything with sugar as the first or second ingredient, and if you’d asked me in May if I’d thought I could do that, my answer would have been, “BWAH HA HA. Not.”

Meanwhile, go eat a cookie for me.

3 Replies to “My Sugarless Summer: The Home Stretch”

  1. Well done. Sugar free is a hard challenge to take on, especially as the stuff is everywhere!

    I made an attempt to join you when I first read your challenge, I didn’t make it passed a week!
    Chocolate is too tempting!

    Enjoy September 1st,
    (although perhaps not in a vat of chocolate or Pringles!) 😉

    • The stuff IS everywhere! I wouldn’t have tried it if I didn’t know something needed to change – and now after 2 months, I can honestly say most sugary things don’t seriously tempt me, although I do still like to smell chocolate. Thanks so much for the support!

  2. These are good results for only 3 months! I am doing pretty well at staying off sweets, but still struggling with letting go of the colas. I know I will before long, though. One step at a time. <3

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