Sugarless Summer Week 1: A Summary

I miss donuts.
I miss donuts.

So I posted earlier about how I was going sugar-free for the summer (summer being June, July, and August for me – we’re not getting technical with equinoxes and stuff here).

It’s summer. Bummer.

Actually, this first week wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. On Day 1, I was cravy (my word for when you’re just craving something, even if you don’t know what) and a little grumpy. Fine. Day 2 I was a space cadet, and also highly on edge, in part because we got a flat tire while heading to the city an hour away in which we had an impossible-to-get appointment. Husband changed tire (woo hoo for sexy, capable men!), but dealing with upset kids and having to listen to the traffic whiz by RIGHT NEXT TO HIM at 70+ miles an hour made me want a donut. Or six. Incredibly, we were only five minutes late to the appointment. Also incredibly, I didn’t go off-track when we ate out that night. I guess that’s the benefit of firm resolve on Day 2.

Then came Day 3. I. Was. Exhausted. EXHAUSTED. I took TWO naps that day, and still just felt weary to the bone. Also on Day 3 I kicked my kids’ metal scooter with my naked toes while bringing out the garbage. It hurt. A lot. The middle toe is still black and blue from said adventure. Luckily the rest of the week went more smoothly. Day 4 I actually felt pretty darn good. I did eat an entire can of Pringles, but DIDN’T touch any of the sweets at a Girl Scout event that night, even though I was standing next to the food table most of the time. I actually wasn’t even tempted. Days 5-6 were pretty good. Not as cravy, not as tired, mostly just average days. Wahoo!

Today, Day 7, has been harder, though. I have that cravy feeling back again, big time, although ironically it’s for salt right now – probably because a) I ate 2 cans of Pringles this week and darn if I don’t want another, and b) I rewarded myself for making it through an entire week by letting myself have horrifically unhealthy but oh-so-delicious Velveeta macaroni and cheese. I don’t know if there was something in that conglomerate of chemicals that has me feeling as if someone’s poking at me from the inside, saying “EAT MORE!” even though I’m not really hungry, but I definitely want carbs.

I’m trying to remind myself of what my mother reminded me this week: You can only change one habit at a time. If I need to eat chips this week as I adjust, so be it. Being an all-or-nothing person, I want to drop the sugar AND all the bad foods and suddenly be 50 pounds lighter by yesterday. But that’s not how life works. It took 42 years to get me to where I am today; I guess it’s going to take longer than a week to make that me a little smaller. Oh well. The overall goal is health, anyway. Weight loss would be nice, but improved health is more important.

I’m still proud of myself. Yes, perhaps delving into salty snacks isn’t ideal, but frankly, considering how much sugar I HAD been eating, it’s a miracle I’m not neck-deep in the stuff.

Thank you to everyone on Facebook who’s encouraged me this week. I need it, people. Because the newness has worn off and I’m starting to have my first feelings of deprivation, my first thoughts of, “Why can’t I have that when everybody else can?” The answer, of course, is a) I can – in September – if I want to, and b) I don’t react to sugar like a “normal” person does, so maybe I just have to abstain. Like someone with food allergies. Yup yup.

Only 86 days until September.

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