Writer Wednesday: Meet Grace Black

Grace BlackIt’s not only Wednesday, it’s Writer Wednesday! Just what you need to get you through the rest of the week, right?

I’m delighted to welcome fellow flash fiction writer (and host of her own flash fiction contest, Three Line Thursday) and poet, Grace Black. Grab that cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever you like to drink) and settle in for a delightful few minutes learning more about Grace and her work.

What inspires you to write?

Fueled by emotions and the unseen web of words that linger long after we’ve left, I am fascinated by the ordinary moments life offers. The ichor of the first summer cherry as it dribbles down a child’s chin and the broken skins that stain innocent fingers a sunset crimson this is the simple moment of awe and a poet’s manna. Everyday life is an inspiration, and to live is to bleed ink.

Which type of romance do you love, and why?

As a poet, I fall in love with the simplest of things and paradoxes abound. Isn’t life one complex romance in and of itself? I’ve always favored the unexpected romance, the unseen story that’s tucked neatly in the margins of a first draft, and the imprints the author leaves behind, beneath the bindings. Love is the question and the answer.

What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had when first starting out?

Find other writers and share your work, participate in online challenges, or find a local writer’s group where you share work with others. Rejections mean keep writing, they do not mean give up! 

When you find a comfy nook and begin to see small successes, leap; progress comes from taking chances and stepping out of our comfort zones, repeatedly.

(ML’s note: Great advice!)

Three Lines BookOn her collection of poetry, Three Lines:

Grace Black takes her love of poetic brevity and brings you a compilation for the soul. She weaves emotive verse and naked prose in a minimalist format and carries you on a journey through life, love, and loss of the heart. This is poetry that doesn’t know its poetry and is meant to be a visceral experience.

Find Three Lines here:

Want to know more about Grace? Find her here:




Thanks so much for joining us, Grace.
Your words are beautiful, and I’m glad you could be here.