Tea for Tuesday

IMG_0306My attempts at developing a tea habit are in slow-motion – partly because I simply forget I’m trying to form such a habit. However, in the past few weeks, I have discovered I rather enjoy peppermint tea. Here’s a pic documenting said tea, and this lovely cardinal mug, which I just received last month as a Christmas gift, and which my daughter managed to break yesterday.

My apologies, tea mug. Your life was short, but much appreciated.

IMG_0348My favorite of the teas I’ve tried so far turned out to be this Crimson Blossom tea from Trader Joe’s. I don’t even know what its flavorings were, but I enjoyed it! Now I’m itching to get to Trader Joe’s (the closest one is an hour away from me) to see what other teas they offer.

Next in the quest: Earl Grey!


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