The Excitement of Winning!

Flash Friday Winner BadgeWhat a joy it was to win the weekly Flash Friday Fiction contest last Friday! I have been so excited all week – having my creative writing affirmed feels great, especially since this is still a relatively new venture for me. Flash Fiction calls for quick writing about topics I would never normally approach, making it an excellent exercise for stretching my skills.

Not only do I now have my own page on the Flash Friday Fiction web site, but I also got to do a Flash interview, where I learned that attempting to answer questions in 20 words or fewer is even more difficult than limiting my Twitter ramblings. (You can read all of my Flash Friday entries right here on my website.)

I hope you’ll check out my entry and let me know what you think – and come play along with us every Friday! It has been so exhilarating to craft a micro-story every week, and to discover the great variety of takes we authors can have from one single visual prompt.

Thank you, Flash Friday Fiction!

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