The Great and Terrible Sugarless Summer

sugarsPay no attention to that woman behind the curtain, snarfing down the donuts and the chocolate. She doesn’t want you to know the extent of her sugar addiction.

Yeah, yeah, I’m talking about me. I know this is a writer’s blog, but bear with me, please. I’ve waged a life-long battle against the bulge. The bulge has been winning. Majorly so. Especially lately; since my kids are older and require less direct intervention and since I’m spending a lot more time writing/reading/in front of a screen, the amount of time I sit has vastly increased. So has the size of the tush.

Since novelty works best for me when I attempt to stem the poundage and get it flowing in the opposite direction, I decided to commit to something I’ve long known I need to do, but which I really, really don’t want to (I don’t have the tagline “inhaler of chocolate” for nothing.). I’m giving up sugar. At least I’m giving up obvious sugar foods: chocolate, pastries, ice cream, etc. I’m not yet willing to delve to the level of yogurt and ketchup.

Of course right now, when I’m still in the midst of sugar oblivion (hey, yesterday was my daughter’s 8th birthday, and we’ve had cake- and sweets-o-rama), it doesn’t sound so hard. It sounds exciting and fun.

It won’t be. People who know me in real life might want to avoid me the 1st week of June. But this is something I need to do. I’ve got to change it up somehow, as I’m not completely comfortable in my current shell. Not that I expect to get thin – that’s not going to happen, and I’m fine with that. I just want to feel…better.

In order to make this feel like an even remotely achievable goal, I’ve told myself it’s just for the months of June, July, and August. 92 days. Of course I’m hoping once I get there, I’ll feel so much better I’ll keep it up. But for now, 92 days sounds as Herculean to me as 92 years.

I have no idea if anyone here gives a fig, but I’m going public for accountability’s sake. I may update this blog from time to time with how I’m doing. Cheer me on, would you? (And for God’s sake, don’t make cookie dough if I’m around. ;))

8 Replies to “The Great and Terrible Sugarless Summer”

  1. Good idea! The first week+ is very hard; after that it’s just a matter of remembering not to automatically stick a candy bar in your mouth. Best parts are the feelings of power and confidence ’cause YOU’re in charge again, not the addiction. Good luck, sweetypooh!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, mom – you’re obviously my inspiration, since you’re doing this yourself. I do indeed hope I don’t absent-mindedly slip – or intentionally slip, for that matter. I’ve said I can have a piece of cake on hubby’s birthday in July if I really need to, but we’ll see!

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