The Joy and the Agony

rejected red square  stampLast spring I sent out eight queries seeking representation for my first book, “A Man of Character.” Why only eight? Several articles I’d read suggested querying in small batches; if no one requested more materials, it meant the query itself wasn’t strong enough, and it would be better to know that after a few attempts, rather than to blow one’s chances with numerous agents in one fell swoop.

I got back a few form rejections, one personal one, and that was it. Until two weeks ago, when an agent wrote requesting a partial – the first fifty pages of the manuscript plus a synopsis. I was ecstatic! I was over the moon! An agent had requested more of my work! I knew well enough that the chances were still slim, but hey, it was a toe in the door, right?

A few days ago the agent let me know that my work wasn’t right for them. They gave me a small amount of feedback and of course encouraged me to keep querying.

Bummer that.

But I shall not give up. I shall let the feedback percolate in my mind, to figure out how I want to address it, and in the fall I shall try again. Perhaps with a few more agents, since I know my original query snagged at least one agent’s attention.

For those of you also seeking representation, or who’ve landed that coveted agent, do you have any great advice?

I’m thinking all I really need is Finding Nemo’s Dory in my ear, singing, “Just keep writing. Just keep writing. Just keep writing, writing, writing…”

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  1. I have no idea how to break into getting published. I just know that when I’m determined to figure out how to make something successful, I just don’t quit until I’ve explored every avenue I can think of. Eventually, I figure it out! And you will too, I suspect. <3

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