The Reviews Are In…

…and they’ve been amazing! I’m so delighted that people are loving A Man of Character. 

Thank you to everyone who’s left me a review on Amazon or GoodReads. They make such a difference – to those considering purchasing the book, and to me. If you’ve read my book but not yet left a review, I hope you’ll consider doing so. You have my unending gratitude.

Here’s a sampling of recent reviews:

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“I loved it! This fun and thought-provoking romance novel offers a great balance of comedic elements, sweetness, and sizzle. Throw in a handful of handsome eligible men, a touch of magic, and journey of self-discovery, and you have a wonderful story. The book was a joy to read, both for the creative content and craft (it is very well-edited and formatted — the author obviously knows her stuff and invested the time necessary to develop an excellent product). I am very impressed and am looking forward to the next book! (I hope it’s about Eliza. I loved her character!)”

background made from opened books“I loved this book! I could hardly put it down (even though I’m super busy with caring for my newborn baby!). The characters were realistic and interesting. The details were clear and easy to imagine. I can see this becoming a blockbuster hit! It had a “You’ve Got Mail” meets “The Princess Bride” vibe to it. I loved the fantastic elements mixed with everyday scenarios, and I found myself enjoying and caring about every character. I want to know what happens to everyone by reading the next books! I loved the sneak peek at the end into the 2nd book and can’t wait to read it! Anyone who loves books and a little romantic comedy should read this. I have to admit that I’ve hardly ever read romance books, but I loved this one. It really had a wonderful, catching atmosphere that sticks with you for days. Definitely worth the read!”

old-books-11281939505Msrn“I was skeptical at first because romance novels can be so tediously formulaic, but this story took wonderful, surprising turns — not the kind of surprising turns that make no sense, but that had me thinking, “Oh, of course!” and admiring how the author had so carefully crafted the story. It was a page turner, and the further into the story you get, the better it becomes. Cat (the main character) and Eliza (her best friend) have a friendship that is humorous and tender. As Cat meets several men of her dreams (which is often hilarious, because each man is “the man of her dreams” from a different time in her life), her friendship with Eliza evolves in ways that are so touching. I don’t want to spoil the book so won’t say more. But I hope there’s a sequel coming and would love to read about Eliza’s journey. This was such a fun read with a refreshingly unique storyline. I’m still thinking of the characters days after reading the book.”

So, so grateful. Thank you, all of you who’ve supported me,
and continue to support me, on this journey. 

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