Throwback Thursday: The Sea (probably 1993?)

waveThe sea was deep and turbulent, raging, seething, the day I dove into your life.
It sucked me in, in under the surface, churning and thrashing, wave after wave.
I scraped along your rocky bottom, waiting to drown, the force of you holding me down.
Should I be grateful, then, that it spit me back up, landing me on your shore? Battered and shaken, I watched you recede, darkly.


(I’m starting to see now why I crave the HEAs in romance; I need them to counterbalance the sadness of my own poetry.)

2 Replies to “Throwback Thursday: The Sea (probably 1993?)”

  1. Having been caught in the undertow once, where it folded me over and rolled me to the point I didn’t know which direction was up– you effectively captured that feeling.

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