4 Replies to “Tuesday Tidbit: British Expressions”

  1. to add to your collection, so far as the last is concerned, these days we also hear the mutt’s nutts and the canine’s cojones; I’ve always thought it interesting how something great is described in terms of an animal’s parts – the bee’s knees, the cat’s whiskers…

    • Ooh, insider info! Good to know! I’d love to tell you what’s current over here in the US, but I’m too old to know. 😉 Except that according to my son, everything is “sweet” or “epic”.

      • do you have ‘sick’ meaning ‘good’? Or one that causes something of a storm ‘gay’ meaning ‘feeble’ which teenagers don’t see what’s wrong and wishy-washy liberals like myself with ingrained political correctness at work squirm at… Also ‘very’ has disappeared and been replaced by ‘super’ which I know has crossed the Pond and back.

        • Yes, I do hear “sick” for something being great. I have not heard “gay” in any other terms than referring to one’s sexual preferences. I guess I need to pay more attention to the teens around me so that I can try to catch up on the slang. 😉

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