Writing, Editing, Marketing, Family Life: It’s All a Matter of Time

Old pocket watch and books in Low-keyHa ha, see what I did there? A Matter of Time is the name my next book. Working it into the title of this blog post was a stroke of genius, or, more likely, a sign I need more sleep.

See, like many authors, I’m discovering there just isn’t enough time. For anything, it sometimes feels.

Writing isn’t even a full-time job for me – or it isn’t supposed to be. The Mom Hat still comes first, and since I have to drive kids to and from school, it chops up my day. Not to mention in the mornings and once they’re home, my silly kiddos actually want some of my attention. My darling husband, too.

But writing could be full-time, easily. It’s trying to be. So could editing, if I had the stamina for it. Don’t even get me started on marketing – that’s a job and a half, at least.

Stack of vintage books isolated on whiteOne day last week, I vented on Facebook about feeling as if I’m never doing anything right as I stumble along this book writing/editing/publishing/marketing path, and I got back wonderful responses. Truly wonderful. I keep returning to read the responses, but Grace Burrowes‘ advice has really stuck with me. It’s advice I’ve heard from many, many other authors, as well: the only job I really need to do is write the books, write the books, write the books.

I just wish I had time and energy enough to do what I want to do with writing (and editing and marketing and…). When I have time (evenings), I’m often out of energy. When I have energy (day), I’m lucky if I get a good four hours in. Because darn if my family doesn’t want to eat, so I have to grocery shop and cook. I have to occasionally do laundry and dishes, so that we’re not eating naked off our thighs or something. I sometimes decide to pick stuff up, so that we don’t end up on an episode of Hoarders.

I’m hopelessly behind in email (not in the least because I sign up for newsletters about writing, free video courses about writing, etc., etc, but can’t find the time to read/watch them). I do get caught up in social media, I admit; I want to respond to everything and everyone, but of course, that takes time. Time I willingly give. Plus, well, yeah, I get distracted by George Takei‘s posts and cute cat videos and pictures of friends’ kids, etc.

bookdanceTime management is not one of my strong suits and never has been, so I’m sure part of this–maybe even a lot of this–is me. I’m sure I could do better.

I’m just tipping my hat today to those authors out there who seem able to do it all: write quality books, and write them quickly, edit them quickly, publish them quickly, market them astutely, keep up with social media, etc. I admire you.

Someday, I hope to be you! In the meantime, can you share your secrets?

Meanwhile, it’s back to the Editing Cave. Time, energy, or not, A Matter of Time will make its way back to the editor September 28th. Wish me luck, will you?

4 Replies to “Writing, Editing, Marketing, Family Life: It’s All a Matter of Time”

  1. Love it, Margaret! And obviously, I love the mental picture of a family eating food off their naked thighs. You delight me. 🙂

    I am SO right there with you on all of this. But my book’s not A Matter of Time; mine is Embrace the Fire. Right now, I feel a bit like an arsonist… 😉

    • Bwah ha ha, the thigh image cracked me up, too. Gotta go for something in the romance arena, you know, and naked thighs are ever-present in my genre. Or should be (unless they’re mine). Maybe what we need to do is Embrace Time!

  2. I don’t write books, I just read and write reviews…and my time is always crazed…and I don’t have kids, I have pets…so, I hear you on the time management..I often want to keep up worth everyone, but it is so difficult …sometimes I miss the days of MCI FRIENDS AND FAMILY..only calling on Sunday..hahahah..just kidding for course..but, I felt more productive then..

    • Ha ha ha, gosh, I DO remember that MCI stuff. I remember when they paid you to switch long distance carriers. As a broke college student, I made good money moving from ATT to MCI to Sprint and back again. But yes, I know my dilemma is not limited to just me – I’m truly amazed, though, at how very productive some people are. I’m guessing they a) have a lot more physical energy than I do, and b) have a lot better time management skills. I just, you know, wanna pet the cats or watch Poldark or do a jigsaw puzzle once in a while…

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