Flash Friday Fiction: The Green-Eyed Monster

Letter boxes, Area 51. Public domain photo by MartinStr.
Letter boxes, Area 51. Public domain photo by MartinStr.


The Green-Eyed Monster (155 words)

He hadn’t meant for it to happen. Polite society frowned upon such goings-on, after all.

Impolite society had taken matters into their own hands, obliterating the house while he’d been away, leaving nothing but the graffitied mailboxes as a reminder of what he’d once had. What they’d once had.

Who were humans to say interplanetary love was wrong?

He frowned, kicking at the dirt. Brown. Not red. He’d come home – not that there was much to come home to.

His heart soared upon noticing the envelope waiting in the box. Had she forgiven him? Opening it, fury burned his face. “$25 million for taxi service to and from Mars? On top of the lawyer fees I’m already facing?”

He was starting to wish he’d let her vaporize him like she’d threatened to after she’d discovered the affair.

“They say ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’” he muttered. “Ha. Try a Martian.”


This week’s challenge was to include something about an unpaid bill in our 150 word story (+/- 10 words). What do you think of my take? Want to craft your own, or read the other stellar entries? Rocket on over to Flash Friday Fiction and check it all out!

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