Flash Friday Fiction: The More Things Change…

Past and Present, No. 2 1858 Augustus Leopold Egg
Past and Present, No. 2 1858 Augustus Leopold Egg

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same…
Margaret Locke (@Margaret_Locke or http://margaretlocke.com)
160 words

Heavens above, will she ever stop this caterwauling? Edith stared at the moon outside the window, which hung heavy in the sky. Much like her head in the face of all this histrionic grief.

The hands holding hers gripped ever tighter. “Why doesn’t he love me, mama? I want him to love me!” a muffled voice wailed. Tears dampened Edith’s skirt.

“Oh, child. You are too young to speak of love.”

“You were seventeen when you married papa!”

Edith sighed. The sobbing increased. “You just don’t understand!”

Oh, I do. More than you will ever know. She thought of the shimmering ball gown she’d worn that night, of the heated whispers, the walk in the garden…She’d been young once, too.

Her face grew wistful as she gazed at the bright orb in the sky. Oh, to be seventeen again. Smoothing her hand over her daughter’s hair, she waited for the tears to subside.

Thank God I’ll never be seventeen again.


This week’s challenge: combine this photo prompt with something having to do with coming of age, and spit it out into a story of 150 words, +/- 10. What do you think of my take? What would you have written? Zip on over to Flash Friday to share your own story and read others.

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