Links I Love: Week of May 12th

libraryIt’s a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of numbered lists in this week’s round-up of my favorite links that have caught my eye recently. What do you think?

1. Looking for porn? Earth porn, that is (what kind of girl do you think I am?!). Check out these stunning photos.

2. I’m a newbie to the Londontopia site, but I’m already in love. Each week they post numerous links on a variety of great topics. Here you can learn 10 random facts about Covent Garden!

3. 20 Curious Victorian Words and Sayings – I love language. And words. Especially weird words. Check these out, and let me know which is your favorite. I’m fond of Newgate Knockers, myself. (The word, not the facial hair to which it refers.)

4. 40 Maps That Explain the Middle East – Yes, I’m a Western Civ girl at heart. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested and shouldn’t know anything about other parts of the world, especially since the history of the middle east so heavily impacted the history of the European west.

5. 10 Biggest “White Girl” Problems in Literature – Bwah ha ha! Hilarious list proving that that #selfie girl hasn’t cornered the market on drama or absurdity.

6. The Most Spectacular Libraries in the World – Which do you most want to visit? These are stunning!

7. What Happened to the Harlequin Romance? – Intriguing and thought-provoking article on the history of Harlequin, and how the age of digital book publishing is forcing it to change.



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