Romance Writers of America

RWA_logoI am giddy. Giddy.

I joined the Romance Writers of America last week, and received my official membership confirmation yesterday.

I know it’s not nearly the same as publishing a book; not at all. But for me it’s thrilling because I’ve put myself out there and declared to the world that I’m really doing this.  I’m finally pursuing my dream of writing romance novels, a dream I’ve had (and proclaimed) since I was just a kid in high school. Yeah, I’ve announced such on Facebook and Twitter. Yes, I’ve got my shingle out on this website. But joining an established writing association feels more significant, more… real.

For many this is just a logical no-brainer step on the path to success, but it took a lot for this anxiety-ridden mom-turned-author-wannabe to, as the Hokey Pokey says, “put my whole self in”.

So here’s to facing the fear. Here’s to revising and editing that first draft of “A Man of Character” and submitting it to someone, somewhere, before the end of 2013. And here’s to – hopefully – attending the RWA conference in 2014.

And now back to writing. Because joining all the associations in the world won’t accomplish a thing if I don’t do the work.

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