Writer Wednesday: Meet Jodi Healy

jodihealyWoo hoo! I’m back from vacation and so delighted it’s Wednesday, because that means it’s Writer Wednesday!

Today we’ve got children’s book writer Jodi Healy. She describes herself as an “author in the quest for truth, happiness, and enlightenment.” I’m down with that! So sit back and relax while she gives us a few short snippets about herself, and her latest release.

What inspires you to write?

The simple depth and complexity of everyday life. Trying to capture what triggers emotion and resonates with others.

What’s one interesting thing you learned in researching/writing your last book?

That feelings are energy, and most people are not aware of the kaleidoscope we experience in every moment, or how to master them.

Name two things people don’t know about you: 

I love projects and a challenge to execute on. And to use my hands, building, rehabbing houses, and that type of project. I recently did raised flower beds.

Jodi’s Latest Release:

Jesse True™ just received an honorable mention in the 2015 Dragonfly Book Awards in the Picture Books 6 & Older Category, for the first book in the series, Jesse True’s First Day of School! My Jesse True books are available at jessetrue.com. Free EBOOK to anyone who mentions this interview!

JesseTrueWant to know more about Jodi and her series of children’s books? Find her here!

Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/jodi.healy and https://www.facebook.com/jessetrue

Thanks so much for joining us today, Jodi!
It was a pleasure . . . and hopefully people take advantage of
your generous FREE e-book offer!

Writer Wednesday: Meet Paula Shene

Children's Author Paula Shene
Paula Shene

Welcome to Writer Wednesday! Today we jump from the world of romance to the world of children’s books as I welcome author Paula Shene. (It’s always good to mix things up a bit, right? Plus, I need some good books for my kids to read while I’m writing. Plus, she reads romance.)

Here Paula shares with us answers to three writerly/readerly questions, and tells us a bit about her books.

What inspires you to write?

Life inspires my muse; situations trigger story lines, and it produces either a children’s story, short stories, articles or blogs. 

Which type of romance do you love most, and why?

Presently I lean towards psychological suspense romance in the medical or justice system milieu.  I am a catholic taste reader and read everything from zombie to classics, Working of the Brain to on-line Marketing. I devour an author’s line of books. I’m always happy to find a new author or start with a beginning to a series.

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when first starting out?

It takes about ten years before you become known if you are published or self-published. Had I known the book I wrote was not to be a one-off, I would had learned marketing more quickly.

Sandy Pages - Peacock WritersWhat’s next for you?

I have two books being published this month. I’m featured in the Peacock Writers‘ tenth collection of children’s stories to benefit Children’s Charities, and my award-winning children’s story, Digging Bones, which has been online as a WIP, will be published this month as well.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us today, Paula! 

Want to learn more about Paula Shene and her writing? Visit her web page.