Writer Wednesday: Meet Caryn McGill!

carynmOh, the spring weather has arrived at last, and it is glorious here in Virginia!

You know what else is glorious? Having fellow Virginia Romance Writer Caryn McGill here for Writer Wednesday! Caryn is such a fun and sweet lady, and I’m so proud to be able to share her with you today. So please read on to learn more about Caryn and her provocatively titled new book, The Wives of Lucifer. (I totally want to read that based on title alone. Don’t you?)

MusicButterflyWhat inspires you to write?

Music, TV, and film inspire me. A simple lyric can spark a story. I’m a big fan of the “what if” method. I take an anecdote, story or real-life situation and wonder what would happen if I just blow it up. Where will the pieces fall? What would I do in that situation? The possibilities are mind-boggling. And fun! Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Meet Caryn McGill!