Flash Friday Fiction: One Lot to Rule Them All

Night Archer
Night Archer. CC2.0 photo by Tanakawho.

One Lot to Rule Them All – 210 words

I was born here. It’s only fitting I return here.

Ma had been shopping for final nursery items. You know, onesies, bottles, that stupid blue elephant with the stitched eyes that made him look dead from the start.

Ma thought she had two more weeks. I had other plans. I was always precocious like that.

Now, finally, I’m an adult. I’ve reached the apex of my maturity.

Years of studying and training, days of sore muscles and strained eyes, nights of shadows and blackness as fear wrestled with reality; all brought me to this moment.

My first shift as parking lot attendant.

Let the others use their warning tickets, their weird little carts. I come armed with better weapons.

Took up two parking spaces? An arrow to the tire.

Paid for an hour but stayed three? Don’t expect to find your windshield intact.

Dared to park an SUV in a compact space? My bow shall make quick work of your antenna. No longer shall you enjoy the sounds of wailing boy bands as you seek out the best spot.

You will never have it. For I already do. I am power.

You won’t see me coming. I am stealth.

I am One with the Lot. I am…

The Parking Ninja.


Some people might be able to taking this prompt and the required setting of a parking lot and come up with something richly moving, something emotionally evocative, something sharing the greatest truths about the depths of the human psyche within a mere 200 (+/- 10) words.

Not me. I went for funny. I love funny. Did I succeed?

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