Writer Wednesday: Meet Linda Budzinski!

LindaBWahoo for Writer Wednesday!

Today we’ve got Virginia Romance Writers member Linda Budzinski, author of Young Adult romances, popping in for quick interview. (Her favorite food is chocolate, so I love her already.)

Young love is perfect for spring, don’t you think? (Heck, any kind of love is perfect for spring…) So read on to find out more about Linda and her books!

old-books-11281939505MsrnWhat inspires you to write?

Reading great books! There’s something magical about getting lost in a world someone else has created and growing to love (or not!) their characters. Romance novels especially, with their hopeful, happily ever after endings, often leave *me* feeling hopeful and happy. That a bunch of words on a page can do that is so powerful and so amazing to me. I write romances for teens, and I believe today’s teens especially need to find stories that give them hope and show them different perspectives on life and love.  Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Meet Linda Budzinski!