Tea for Tuesday: Pumpkin Chai Latte and Caramel Apple Roibos

PumpkinSpiceMy experimenting with teas continues, albeit at a slow pace. I keep forgetting! Ha ha ha. Anyway, in the past week or so, I tried two new teas: a pumpkin chai latte, and a caramel apple roibos.

TeaPotThe pumpkin chai latte was okay, but very weak – I think a) I didn’t steep it correctly, and b) I didn’t add milk, as the package suggested I should. All in all, I only drank about a third of the cup. I’m hoping next time it will be better, in part because I dug out our actual teapot, figuring if I were going to do tea right, nuking water in the microwave and then adding the tea wasn’t the way to do it (as many internet guides told me).

CaramelRoibosThe next tea up was a roibos caramel apple, sent to me by my friend Heather. I had high hopes for this one, because, hey, I love caramel. I boiled the water in the teapot and steeped the tea in my husband’s tea gadget for about five minutes. Perhaps that wasn’t long enough, as the tea was still fairly weak. Sadly, while I got a hint of the caramel, this wasn’t my favorite-tasting tea. We’ll see if I try it again down the line.

And there you have it, an Anglophile tea-loving wannabe’s second attempts at tea. Perhaps next week I’ll try Earl Grey. If it’s good enough for Jean Luc Picard, well…

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