Writer Wednesday: Meet Mariana Gabrielle!

Mariana GabrielleIt’s the first Writer Wednesday of June, and today we’re privileged to bring you Mariana Gabrielle, author of historical fiction and Regency romance that offers second chances for scarred souls. Isn’t that lovely? Because who doesn’t like a second chance?

Mariana is also a member of the Bluestocking Belles, which she describes on her website as “a wonderful group of eight Regency Romance authors working together to bring our readers new books and advance the historical romance genre in general (Regency, in particular), and also to raise awareness of “bluestockings” around the world.” (Plus, they’re just a heck of a lot of fun – come find them on Facebook!)

Read on to learn a little about Mariana and her writing . . .

clotheslinebooksWhat inspires you to write?

I just don’t have a good answer to that, because the inspiration started when I was very, very young and seems to be on-going.

I have a “book” I wrote and colored when I was too young to put letters together to form words, and about ten new book ideas have come to me in the last few weeks.

I presume the same source of inspiration, as I have known it for 40+ years, but I would never presume to try to define it.

sunset in heart handsName two things people don’t know about you:

1) I am an asexual bisexual; I have had many wonderful, fulfilling relationships in my lifetime, but I no longer engage in romance in my personal life.

That’s probably why my romance novel characters are so important to me, and I do not want to explore the psychological meaning of that any further. 😉

2) Due to strange upheaval in my alternative education program, I have both a high school diploma and a GED. The diploma turned up in the mail unbidden, the summer after my first year in college.

royalregardWhat fellow romance author do you recommend reading, and why?

I am a member of the Bluestocking Belles, and I recommend any of them, to start, with an eye toward your particular brand of Historical Romance.

If you like stories set outside Britain, Caroline Warfield; for family saga along with your romance, Jude Knight; for sweet romance, Susana Ellis, for hot, Amy Rose Bennett. For time travel, Sherry Ewing or Nicole Zoltack. If you like your HistRom to skirt HistFic, pick up Jessica Cale.

What one piece of advice do you wish you’d had when first starting out?

I wish I hadn’t spent twenty years writing everything else under the sun, except fiction. I could have written dozens of books by the time I actually buckled down and finished my first in 2010.

Gone With The Wind coverWhat’s your favorite romance novel of all time, and why?

Gone with the Wind. Because it doesn’t have an HEA (though it does have a reasonable facsimile in its well-done sequel); it has plenty of bittersweet to go around; it is set in a time period that resonates for me; and because I have a deep love for flawed, half-villain heroes and heroines, and GWTW has brilliant examples of both.

Tis Her SeasonA Bit On ‘Tis Her Season: A Royal Regard Prequel Novella

Charlotte Amberly would rather eat a lump of coal for Christmas dinner than marry the Marquess of Firthley, so when her parents cancel her London Season in favor of a rush to the altar, the feisty debutante takes husband-hunting into her own hands.

Alexander Marloughe, reluctant heir to a marquessate, would rather not spend his holiday dashing through the snow after a flibbertigibbet just out of the schoolroom, but no woman before Charlotte has ever led him such a merry chase.

 This book previously appeared in the Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem box set with the Bluestocking Belles.

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A Bit About Mariana:

writingMariana Gabrielle is a pen name for Mari Christie, who is not romantic–at all. Therefore, her starry-eyed alter ego lives vicariously through characters who believe in their own happy-ever-afters. And believe they must, as Mariana loves her heroes and heroines, but truly dotes on her villains, and almost all of her characters’ hearts have been bruised, broken, and scarred long before they reach the pages of her books.

She is a professional writer, editor, and designer with almost twenty-five years’ experience, and a member of the Bluestocking Belles, the Writing Wenches, and the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She is the author of multiple Regency romance novels, including The Sailing Home Series and La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess, and will soon release a mainstream historical, Blind Tribute.

Want to connect with Mariana? Find her here:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Amazon Author page 

Thank you so much for sharing your Wednesday with us, Mariana – it was a joy! 

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