Flash Friday Fiction: Kindred Spirits

The Sea Horse. Photo and sculpture by Jeffro Uitto; used by permission.
The Sea Horse. Photo and sculpture by Jeffro Uitto; used by permission.

Kindred Spirits – 159 words

She didn’t know how he’d gotten here, out in the middle of nowhere. She didn’t care. She’d loved him at first sight.

She imagined him a magnificent medieval destrier, bequeathed on a valiant knight in honor of his service to the king. A great beast of a war-horse, wearing armor of his own as he charged across the battlefields of Europe.

Or a wild mustang racing across the plains of Wyoming, cowboy on his back and freedom in his nostrils, the mountains of the West framing his flowing mane as he hurled himself forward, ever forward.

What he wasn’t supposed to be was still. Trapped. Frightened. Decaying. Not like her.

Every day she climbed onto his back, closed her eyes, and willed him to break free, to run, to carry her away. Every night she returned home, broken, bridled, chomping at the bit.

They were kindred spirits, she and this horse. Wild animals encased in a permanent prison.


Isn’t this a wonderful photo? Using it as our prompt, as well as the idea of knighthood, we had 150 words (+/- 10) to come up with a story about it. What do you think of mine?

If you want to read the many other wonderful submissions or enter your own, hop (or trot or canter or gallop) on over to Flash Friday Fiction!

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