Throwback Thursday: More Cheesy Poetry! Sometimes – from @ 1993?

Last week I offered up a cheesy poem – why not add more ooey goodness? Yes, I actually still like this one, even though it’s obvious I was working with rhythm in my attempts to construct it. What do you think? (I’m starting to feel I ought to apologize to Maya Angelou, Rainer Maria Rilke, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the many other extraordinarily talented poets out there…)



sometimes i sit and wonder as my mind begins to wander
over the paths that i have chosen in my life.
if i’d turned a little sooner or maybe you a little later
the change that could have wrought is much to ponder…

the decisions and the choices that have been told through many voices
and have wrought so many changes in myself
perhaps are better hidden than to run through me unbidden
bringing questions into which i will not delve.

the way that i appear when i look into the mirror
is not the one i feel i am inside
i cannot help but wonder what will cure this aching hunger
to fight myself and not flow with the tide.

maybe it is better not to pull myself together
but to look inside each individual part.
then i can finally learn what it is that makes me burn
to live, to learn, to love with all my heart.

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