Throwback Thursday: Love in the Time of Sonnets – late 1980s

Love Among the Ruines - Edward Burne-Jones
Love Among the Ruins – Edward Burne-Jones

Love in the Time of Sonnets

‘Twas once a time ago I thought I felt
A glimmering of love so deep for him.
Beneath his tender gaze I thought I’d melt
But now the light of love has grown too dim.
For he I loved had not the same for me
And crushed my love, my soul; he went away.
The love I thought we had will never be,
And I will not live to another day.
My heart cries out for rescue from this pain
The wounds are far too deep to heal, I know.
I will not see the rising sun again
And long to rest my love the earth below.
Be careful those whose hearts do eas’ly break.
I wish I had not made the same mistake.

I think I was jumpstarting my romance writing career, iambic pentameter style. Guess I needed to work on the Happily Ever After, though. 😉

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